CloudGate Square - Windows 10 PC.

*NOTE: CloudGate Square is not a direct replacement for a desktop pc and/or laptop. CloudGate Square is the Microsoft Windows 10 range of mini-computers - it is a powerful computer on which one can browse the Internet, run email, MS Office applications as well as comfortably run (selected) 3rd party applications.

System Requirements
- Computer monitor or HD Monitor
- Wi-Fi (802.11b, g, or n) network or 10/100BASE-T Ethernet network
- Mouse and Keyboard

- Access the windows store with over 180 000 different applications.
- Use as much power as an energy saving light bulb
- Play HD movies and videos, plug in some speakers and play those tunes!
- Can be used for productivity, education, as an information centre, to stay connected to your friends, as an entertainment centre and all round go to device.
- Small size makes it convenient to store, and its shock resistant, so it can be moved around without too much worry.
- Pay a fraction of what you would pay to get the same stuff on a regular desktop PC.
- Turn it into your own private cloud for your home or small office

Size and Weight
- Height: 20mm
- Width: 95mm
- Depth: 95mm
- Weight: 225g

In the box
- CloudGate
- HDMI cable
- Power cord

- CPU: Quad Core 1.33Ghz processor (Burst to 1.8GHz)
- GPU: Intel Shared

Ports and Interfaces
- 1 x HDMI
- 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
- 1 x Micro USB Port
- 1 x Micro SD Card Slot
- 1 x RJ45 port
- 1 x DC 5V 3A power socket

- Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
- Bluetooth
- Ethernet

- Windows 10 with Bing

RAM and storage
- 2 Gb High-Speed RAM
- 32GB Solid-State Storage
- Micro SD Storage up to 32 GB

- Runs on less than 15W of power.

Note: One HDMi cable included
Select SSD:*