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The TP-Link MR6400 is the cost-effective wireless LTE router you’ve been looking for.
Take full advantage of your cutting-edge 4G LTE network with the TP-Link MR6400, which can achieve download speeds of up to 150Mbps.
The MR6400 allows you to share your 4G LTE network with multiple Wi-Fi devices so you can enjoy uninterrupted HD movies, rapid file downloads, and video chats that won’t freeze up.
- Share Your 4G LTE Network – Share your 4G LTE network with multiple Wi-Fi  devices and enjoy download speeds of up to 150Mbps
- Great Coverage – Integrated antennas provide stable wireless connections
- 300Mbps Wi-Fi – Provides the 300Mbps Wi-Fi connections that you need for online gaming, HD streaming video, ultra-fast downloads
- Available LAN/WAN Port – Allows you to connect to any standard cable, fibre, or xDSL modem
(Incl. 15% tax)


This is the Konnected Alarm panel add-on board only. A WiFi module and power supply is required for its use. Most people purchase the kit that contains everything you need.

(Incl. 15% tax)
Add Power Supply:


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Red/White Official Case Essentials Kit Boxed

This Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ kit is a great way in which to get started with Raspberry Pi, all of the essentials to get you up and running in no time.

Can You can install Home Assistant or OpenHab

(Incl. 15% tax)

LoLin V3 NodeMcu Lua WIFI.

With firmware loaded.

(Incl. 15% tax)

12V 2,5A Ac adapter

Need per Alarm panel board and addon board

(Incl. 15% tax)

Konnected Alarm Board Only 6 Zones

Please add Items to make up initial kit

Addon Boards will add zones.

(Incl. 15% tax)
Add Power Supply:


Voip extensions.

Have all your company extension in the same office space and remote sites eg Sales people.

R120-00 per user

Excludes telephone call charges.

Internet connection required.




Sip Trunks available

R70-00 per channel

A channel is concurrent call on the same trunk



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